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Consultancy and Training Services with IMPACT

Plus Consultancy And Training Consultant Andy Wilson presenting at QED conference

Expert Facilitation


For when you need a reliable and effective training or event facilitator



Objective and focussed business analysis and reporting

Training Design


Proven content designed with flair and focussed on the training outcomes

Interim Services


A locum Sales Director or Manager with deep commercial experience

About Us

"Us" really means me.  Andy Wilson.  I've worked in consultancy and training for about a third of my 30 years' commercial career.


I've also worked as EMEA Sales Director for a division of an American software house (now part of Oracle) for 3 years and a UK automotive software house for 7 years.


As a trainer I am sure footed and committed to the training objectives agreed with my client in advance.  I'm happy running well designed existing courses, redesigning existing courses or starting from scratch.


As a business consultant people remark upon my creativity, research, straight forwardness and pragmatism.


There's nothing superficial about my commitment to the services we provide.  I like to be effective and get results.  I value honesty above most other things in human interactions.


Why do I say "human"?  It's an odd word.  But I choose it because I'm human too.  Getting results is about working together and I don't believe in the idea that the "consultant" knows best.  I prefer "fresh pair of eyes" or something of that kind.  But don't get the wrong idea.  I'm perfectly happy to be the one with the cattle prod getting things going.


Why not drop me a line on to see how I could help?


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